Antique Baths Sydney are the LEADERS of the RESTORATION of your own cast iron Bath, kitchen Sink, Pedestal Basin, cooking pots, in fact any Cast Iron Item.

ABOUT US – The Enamel Bath Repair and Manufacturing Experts

We are the LEADERS and ONLY MANUFACTURERS of Cast iron Baths, Sinks etc, NO other company in Australia are manufacturing cast iron baths and applying vitreous enamel to the goods. We can supply or RESTORE clients Bath, kitchen Sink, Pedestal Basin, cooking pots, in fact any Cast Iron Item. If you choose to purchase either an old bath which has been restored or our range of new tubs, which are made at a foundry in Victoria and then transported to our plant for the Vitreous enamel process.


Whether in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or Sydney, our enamel bath repairs are unmatched


We are the ONLY company in Australia that are able to restore HERITAGE LISTED cast iron items, for example the Melbourne City Bath House, Sydney Harbour Trust and NSW Railways, local councils, require baths, drinking fountains and the like to be restored correctly.


Vitreous (Porcelain) enamel which has a quality and feel unmatched by any other. The manufacture of cast iron baths ceased in Australia quite some time ago. But Steve Atherton, Managing Director of Antique Baths Sydney, had travelled to the UK, to learn the art of Vitreous enamel in 1992 and the Rest is History.


Antique Baths have been restoring and manufacturing with a vitreous enamel which carries an “AAA” rating for acid and alkaline resistance. When it was explained that porcelain or vitreous enamels were in fact special glass coatings and that the re-enamelling process involved stripping the old enamel then reapplying new enamel and fusing it to the iron at about 850 deg. C in a large furnace, many lost interest. Furthermore, there was still sufficient demand however to attract the interest of “Antique Baths” who up until 1992, had been using organic coatings to resurface old tubs.


Why we’re the trusted bath repair and restoration name in the industry


Not only do we restore your old tub, which may have been found in a paddock or pulled out from an old home or a family heirloom, but we are now restoring the tubs which have been imported from Asia and the like. As the vitreous enamel on the imported tubs are not designed for Australia’s hard water or cleaning products and being a very soft vitreous enamel, they tend to break down in a short period of time. The imported Vitreous enamel tubs, may come with a warranty, but only if the goods are in the country it originated from.


Many customers that do an educated search for the restoration of their tub or requiring an Australian made vitreous enamel bath, find that we are the only company offering such a product.  We have been designing and manufacturing its tubs for over 20 years and are the only company in Australia using the method of Cast Iron Vitreous(Porcelain) Enamel. This should never be compared or confused with the painted surfaces, referred to as Glazing, Baked Enamel or Synthetic Porcelain, as these surfaces are only paint, there is no comparison Vitreous enamel is a glass fused to the iron using Temperatures at 850C and is the most hygienic surface on today’s market.


Steve Atherton and his wife Sue had taken the initiate to set up their very own plant, to overcome the numerous technical difficulties involved with re-enamelling cast iron tubs and to be the ONLY Company succeed in providing a quality service and product that is unique in Australia. Antique Baths are more frequently conducting repairs for cast iron baths, sinks, drinking fountains that are heritage listed, as we are the only company that can do so, as vitreous enamel is authentic. We offer our enamel bath repairs and other services in Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and throughout Australia, New Zealand, even exported to the USA and Hong Kong.


Want to learn more about our bath repairs in Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne and beyond?


We’re always happy to answer any questions about our enamel bath repairs and other services, including providing instruction on resurfacing your tub and much more. Reach us on (02) 9896 0109 for any questions or to request an obligation free quote.