Australia’s Leading Cast Iron Bathtub Enamellers for Over 32 Years

The trusted name in the industry for more than 30 years


Antique Baths Sydney are Australia's only cast iron vitreous enamellers, which is fired in our furnace at 850C. We retail cast iron bathtubs, pedestal basins and kitchen sinks Australia wide.   

We are the LEADERS and ONLY MANUFACTURERS of Cast iron Baths and sinks. NO other company in Australia are manufacturing cast iron baths and applying vitreous enamel to the baths and sinks.

You can choose to purchase either an old bath which has been restored or our range of new tubs, which are made at a foundry in Victoria and then transported to us for the Vitreous enamel process.


We are the ONLY company in Australia that are able to restore HERITAGE LISTED cast iron items, for example the Melbourne City Bath House, Sydney Harbour Trust and NSW Railways, local councils, require baths, drinking fountains and the like to be restored correctly.