4'10" Chester 


4' Paddington


4'6" Richmond 


Roselle Wall Mounted sink and Petersham 1500mm Bath



5'7" 1730mm or 5'3" 1600mm Windsor 

5'8" 1730mm Double Ended Bath

1760mm Lawson Bath with Timber Lip

5'10" 1780mm Chateau 

 6 foot 1875mm - Metters Limited Edition

6 foot 1830mm - Boston

 6 foot 6 inch 1980mm - Strathfield Double Ended Bath

6 foot 8 inch 2030mm Carrington

Bath after Restoration and transported back to Adelaide

4'6" Hip Bath


5' 1510mm Hip Bath

5'6" Hip Bath 


6' Hip Bath 


Yale Pedestal Basin

York Ivory Pedestal Basin

Oxford Pedestal Basin

Cambridge Pedestal Basin with Mixer Set

Harvard Pedestal Basin

Butler Single

Round Basin 360mm or 400mm

Petersham 1500mm bath and Roselle Wall mounted Sink

Restored Metters Kitchen sink draining board and splash back - Metters Green Vitreous Enamel

Topaz Kitchen Sink

Opal Kitchen Sink

Kooka Stove 

Drinking Fountains

Exhaust Manifolds

Bath out of furnace


Example of colours available

from traditional colour through to oustanding

Lawson 1760mm Bath with Timber Lip

Imported bath restored to clients choice of colours

1700mm Rectangle Free Standing Bath

600mm Universal Sink

1700mm Antique Imported Bath