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Restore the bath already in your bathroom with our first class restoration services. Whether you have a free-standing bath, a built-in style, or a shower bath, Antique Bath Sydney’s team can restore it for an affordable cost.



We are the only company in Australia restoring cast iron bathtubs using Vitreous Enamel, which is fired at 850C and is acid and alkaline resistant. 


Antique Baths do need your bath here at the factory, as it will go into a furnace several times as part of the restoration. We commonly receive baths that have been through the two-pack paint industry, which is referred to as glazing, synthetic porcelain, baked enamel or Hi Tech.


We’re not just the experts at bathtub restoration. Our process and one-of-a-kind product work on other items like your kitchen sink, pedestal basin, and will leave you transported back to when your belongings were brand new. If you want our restoration expertise applied to yesterday’s precious artifacts or simply your favorite kitchenware, feel free to get in touch with us.

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