Jackson Bath - Peeling glazed (two pack paint) Bath 

Before Restoration

Jackson Bath - after restoration 

Krahe Bath - Synthetic Porcelain 

before restoration

Krahe Bath - after Ivory Vitreous Enamel Restoration


Antique Baths Sydney can restore your OWN bath.  Whether you have a free standing bath, built-in Style or shower bath, as long as it is cast iron, we can RESTORE.  We are the ONLY company in AUSTRALIA restoring cast iron baths using Vitreous Enamel, which is FIRED at 850C.  Our bathtub resurfacing expertise is utilised by clients in Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane and throughout Australia. The vitreous enamel is acid and alkaline resistant.  Antique Baths do need your bath here at the factory, as the bath will go into a furnace several times, as part of the restoration.  It is common that we receive baths in that either have been through the two pack paint industry, which is also referred to as, glazing, synthetic porcelain, baked enamel, Hi Tech, all comes down to being a form of paint.  Glossy paint is not designed to be immersed in warm or hot water, as the heat of the water open ups the pores of the paint, enabling for water to seep under the paint, hence lift and cracking away from the cast iron structure.


If it is not fired in a furnace, then it is not a genuine vitreous (porcelain) product you are receiving.


Antique Baths are happy to show you the procedure of vitreous enamelling, just come and visit the factory showroom.


A gentleman received this bath from the importer in this condition.

Foot mounting of Chinese Bath bogged with metal putty

Restored Imported Chinese Bath

This bath came in for restoration, only two years old purchased through an importer.

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Antique Baths Sydney also restore imported baths from China, as majority of imported baths come from China, NOT EUROPE OR USA.  An example of a bath that a consumer purchased from a importer and when unwrapped discovered that not only was the interior surface damaged, but the foot mounting was bogged with metal putty. The importer told the consumer to send it back to China to have it repaired?


Rusty bath before restoration

After the restoration in the vitreous enamel, before rusty and lifeless

Rusty bath before restoration 

Rusty bath after the restoration completed 

We always enjoy a bathtub restoration and resurfacing challenge

Has your bath come from a paddock or a backyard shed or possibly been sitting in the backyard on the to do list?


Yes we get these baths in all shapes and sizes, condition, rusting etc.


1880's Phoenix Bath Feet 

Phoenix Bath before Restoration

Phoenix 1880's Bath after restoration 

This 1880's Phoenix bath had come out of a paddock from Wellington NSW and restored to its former beauty


Another bath in for restoration, this has been through the two pack "baked enamel" spray painted surface.  During our research in the late 1980's, chemists that design paint, stipulated that paint is not designed to be immersed in water, hence lift and peeling.


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