Antique Baths Sydney are the LEADERS of the RESTORATION of your own cast iron Bath, kitchen Sink, Pedestal Basin, cooking pots, in fact any Cast Iron Item.


Q:                  What is the difference between vitreous enamel (porcelain) and Baked Enamel?

A:                   Vitreous Enamel is fired in Antique Baths furnace at approximately 850C, which is a glass finish, where as “Baked Enamel” can be referred to as glazing, synthetic porcelain, etc. These are only some form of paint, whether two pack or single some with carcinogenic (catalyst to make the surface harden quickly), the painted surface is forced dried by using heat lamps. Baked enamel term is often used at the local “Panel Beaters”.

Q:                  With Antique Baths Sydney Vitreous enamel, can a rubber bathmat be used?

A:                   Yes, being a glass, the suction cups stick to the glass, making it more secure and after showering the rubber bathmat should be removed after each use, for the water to drain away and the bath to dry.

Q:                  Does the colour fade or stain when using cleaning products

A:                   NO, as being a glass it has been fired, which makes the product colorfast, scratch resistant, acid and alkali resistant and the most hygienic product on the market.

Q:                  I have enquired with other companies, and they say their baths are from Europe and a 15 year warranty?

A:                   Antique Baths Sydney have been in business for over 32 years and are the only company manufacturing cast iron baths in Australia. Other baths on the market, basically are from China or Asia and claim to be European baths from Portugal.  As the vitreous enamel on the imported tubs are not designed for Australia’s hard water or cleaning products and being a very soft vitreous enamel, they tend to break down in a short period of time. The imported vitreous enamel tubs, may come with a warranty, but only if the goods are in the country it originated from

Q:                  How do I know it is authentic Vitreous enamel?

A:                   Antique Baths would be happy to demonstrate with the vitreous enamel surface, a Stanley blade can be run over the surface and not affect it.  All other resurfacing companies CANNOT do this, as being baked enamel paint, would just scrape it off.

Q;                  Can Antique Baths demonstrate how the baths are restored using vitreous enamel.

A:                   Yes, we have no secrets. On visiting the factory, clients often get the opportunity to see baths coming out of the RED HOT furnace.

Q:                  What is the difference between cast iron vitreous enamel baths and acrylic or pressed metal?

A:                   Cast iron is a poor conductor of heat, which intern retains the heat of the water hotter longer, giving you a hotter bath for a longer period of time.  Pressed metal, quarry-cast or acrylic lose the heat very quickly, it is also known, with the acrylic products, constant expansion and contraction the material breaks down, hence cracking.   Also if the surface is acrylic or manmade material, it is a well-known fact that it scratches easily.


Q:                  If I purchase a new bath, does it cost more to have the outside colour painted in a colour other than white?

A:                   No. Antique Baths are not importing baths that are already enameled and painted. Once we receive the cast iron bath, we do all of our own enameling on site and paint the outside of the bath in the customer's choice of colour. Baths that are important have a single A rating whereas our baths have a AAA rating. 


Q:                  Can you restore my bath in my bathroom?

A:                   For your bath to be restored correctly, it needs to be brought to our factory so that all rust and contamination can be removed from the bath. For vitreous enamel to be applied correctly, the bath needs up to 3 coats of vitreous enamel that are fired individually in our furnace. 

Q:                  I don't live in Sydney. How do I get my bath to your factory to be restored?

A:                   We receive baths and basins from all over Australia and also overseas. We can recommend couriers to pick up and deliver your bath or basin to you.